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Traditional Dirty Songs
with lots of
F and C words !!

The Rude Boys songs appeared on a National TV quiz

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Lyric bits

Jock McTavish, he was there, his COCK was long and broad, And when he f....... the farmer's wife, she had to be rebored....... 
Dinah, Dinah show us your leg, show us your leg, show us your leg Dinah, Dinah, show us your leg a yard above your knee...... 

She gave birth to illigits, little shits with swinging tits, who sold their slits for thrupenny bits, The HARLOTS OF JERUSALEM..... 
A is for ARSEHOLE all covered in shit, Hey Ho said Roley, and B is the BASTARD who revels in it with a Roley Poley, up 'em and stuff 'em, Hey Ho said Antony Roley 
Twas on the Good Ship Venus, My God you should have seen us. The figure head was a whore in bed, 
And the mast was a rampant peeeeee nis.........

Remember these are only the music LYRICS of a handful of
bawdy ballads



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Featured on Channel 4's RI:SE programme Nov 2003

5 rugby songs CD's teach
you the CRUDE art of singing 100 sidesplitting BAWDY ballads and RUDE rugby songs. Humorous SEX all the way up to the hilt !! Loads of Dirty songs to learn to frighten your granny !!...











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Discover a good excuse for loads of offence causing, beer swilling, lung bursting Tom Foolery !!
For Persons with whom sex is a pre-occupation and who suffer an
Obscene Sense of Humour !

What could be possibly be worse than a night out with your mates, beer in hand, and no ribald SONGS to sing !
Forget Boyzone and Kylie, you need some repertoire that will have you and your friends curled up on the floor in stitches ! Almost 100 vulgar songs are preserved on 5 CD's which may make your Granny reach for the Liver Salts. Learn how to sing the many Classics that have brought laughter to generations. Sadly, many of these rib-tickling bawdy songs and verses have been lost in the mists of time

U N T I L  N O W !


Ron & the Rude Boys

have recorded almost 100 traditional SIDE-SPLITTING bawdy rugby songs, some which originate from over 100 years ago - many were compiled and sung during the first and second World Wars to boost moral.
Within these unique archives there is good excuse for loads of  offence causing, beer swilling, lung bursting Tom-Foolery.


Very Dirty Jokes Tape/CD
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You will never be lost for words as you belt out verse after verse singing about such diverse subjects as: the Sexual Life of a Camel; the Bastard King of England and his terrible tool; an Engineer's quest to built a large copulatory device made of steel for his wife; the pubic hairs of the daughter of the Major of Bayswater to why Old King Cole was a bugger for his hole !

Ron & The Rude Boys inject their own brand of filthy adult humour to make these Rugby Songs CDs SING-A-LONG classics. 

Songs such as :  Good Ship Venus, The Lobster, Balls of Kerrymuir, Seven Old Ladies, Thrashing Machine, Kathusalem, Wayward Boy, O'Reilly's Daughter, Monk of Great Reknown, Oh Sir Jasper, Bang Bang Lulu, Grandfather's Cock, Blinded by Turds, Barnacle Bill the Sailor, Dinah, Three German Officers and many many more favourites........

The medical benefits of laughter have long been proved, so these 5 CD's  (which are the WORLD'S LARGEST COLLECTION OF TRADITIONAL BAWDY SONGS) are much preferred over Anti-Psychotic drugs to treat manic depression, 
and without any side-effects to boot !   It would also make an ideal gift for someone who suffers an immoral sense of humour  !

7 Rugby Songs CD's are available

better than sex or self abuse !!

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